Anton Basistov

Hello! I am a Senior Product Designer & Design Manager with a strong background in UI/UX, Design Systems and Frontend Development. My focus area for the last few years has been professional aimed SaaS products with complex user scenarios.

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Work experience

Design Team Leader at NDA, 2024 — 2023

Joining the team at the earliest MVP stage of a SaaS marketing automation system (CDP), I established the design process for both product and development teams. As a result:

  • Improved consistency of UX patterns and interfaces;
  • Organized a comprehensive Design System;
  • Implemented a new Design Review and QA process, enhancing quality and speed;
  • Developed a multilingual localization process;
  • Fostered a culture of UX and product research within the teams.

Design Team Leader at Sberbank, 2020 — 2022

Led a team of designers to deliver product features and a design system, covering needs of corporate users of large enterprises.

  • Provided components and guidelines for SberTreasury web service.
  • Performed and standardized design process across 7 dev teams.
  • Carried out UX research, layouts, components, reviews and QA.
  • Collaborated closely with stakeholders, product managers, developers (more than 7 teams), UX-researchers & marketing.

Senior Product Designer at Sberbank, 2017 — 2020

Handled the entire redesign and launch of SberPro — desktop bank client app for large enterprises.

  • Defined the needs of users and translated into design.
  • Tested and validated solutions to ensure best user experience.
  • Launched the app, completely redesigning UX around working with financial documents, ensuring a logical and convenient workflow.
  • Reduced the need for customer support by 70%.
  • SberPro took part in the Markswebb Digital Corporate Banking Rank in 2020 and directly helped Sberbank take 1st place.

Design Lab Head at HSE Art & Design School, 2016 — 2017

Designed and developed an application for attendance and evaluation tracking for teachers, made websites and mobile apps in educational and commercial projects. Worked as a teacher for BFA and Postgraduate students majoring in Digital Product Design.

UIUX Designer at MOSAIC, 2014 — 2016

Digital interactive and UX designer at the advertising agency. Designed web sites and mobile apps. Worked with Nestle, Pepsi, Škoda, Peugeot and other brands. Designed the key mobile app for MTS clients (the largest Russian mobile carrier) for iOS and Android, including smartphones and tablets.


British Higher School of Art and Design

2010—2011  🎓Interactive and New Media

Lomonosov Moscow State University

1997—2003  🎓Radiophysics and Telecommunications


  • Team Leader

    Design teams management, hiring and onboarding issues, cross-team collaboration experience, including meetups conducting.

  • User Experience

    More than 10 years of experience at user interfaces for web and mobile. User’s workflow, information hierarchy, prototyping, quantitative and qualitative test.

  • Design Systems and Processes

    I have experience creating design libraries, guidelines, and storybooks, as well as maintaining design processes for teams.

  • Coding

    HTML/CSS/JS/Node — I can build layouts and frontend from scratch or using some modern frameworks.

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Resume (PDF)